The Staff duties and Responsibilities

  • The Headmistress manages the nursery and is responsible before the Ministry for the progress of its work. Responsible for the supervision, evaluation and development of Nursery School and works closely with administrators in the development of curriculum and other programming. Develops relationships and communicate effectively with parents. Formulates and implements the Nursery policy and procedures. Ensures the health and safety of children at all times.
  • The Supervisor is directly responsible for the child. Supervisor is a qualified childcare professional with responsible for the day to day running of their room. She maintains a high quality, stimulating learning environment, supervising staff and sharing skills and knowledge with colleague
  • The Nurse check the children and the nursery daily. She will check also the children's food. Teaching general life skills, such as basic hygiene and manners. She is responsible to give necessary medicine that should be given if the child is sick. Working with any health and social care professionals, where necessary, and undertaking any relevant admin/paperwork
  • The Nanny’s primary role is to support and aid the education of children in the nursery. They assure a god learning environment for the children. They support and aid children with feeding, washing and cleaning when necessary. Stimulate children’s leaning abilities using play activities.
  • Cleaner is for cleaning the nursery. Maintain clean and healthy environment throughout the nursery.

Market Analysis Summary

Al Fajr Nursery is offering child care/development for toddlers age three to five. Al Fajr Nursery will be targeting double income professional families who, because of work obligations, do not have the time during the day to care for their child. It will be targeting families that are interested in something more than simple baby-sitting facilities, they would like the children to be enrolled in a program that offers development of many different skills including: socialization skills, arts and crafts, large muscle group workouts, reading, numbers, etc. Parents who are professionals, who are ambitious by nature themselves, are typically eager for their children to move ahead and are willing to pay for the best development care services for their children.

Staff Salary per month
Number of expected children per year 100 – 150 children
Number of full time and part time teachers per year 3 3000 – 4000 AED
Number of Teaching Assistant per year 2 2000 – 3000 AED
Number of non Teaching Staff per year 5 Nurse Nannies Cleaner 4000 AED – 5500 AED
1500 AED – 2500 AED
1000 AED – 2000 AED

Our Vision

Provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment to meet the needs of every child.

Our Mission

Encourage children to be curious and creative, review and evaluate children’s needs, prepare children for school, encouragement in order to raise the self-esteem and confidence of each individual child.

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