About Us

We are seeking to provide a stimulating, supportive, secure and well-resourced learning environment for children in our nursery.



Provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment to meet the needs of every child.



Encourage children to be curious and creative, review and evaluate children’s needs, prepare children for school, encouragement in order to raise the self-esteem and confidence of each individual child.


Our Aim

  • Provide a coherent nursery learning experience based within a play context.
  • Develop the individual potential of each child working carefully with Parents.
  • Promote at all times the self-confidence and self-esteem of each child.
  • Assist children to become more independent and to think for themselves.
  • Teach children to care for their environment and to be aware of the needs of others.


Directorate Objectives

  • Our children are confident and successful learners who have the necessary skills for learning work and life.
  • Our children have opportunities to participate and enjoy a range of healthy activities.
  • Our children are respected, responsible and included.
  • Children are safe, nurtured and protected from harm.
  • Our children are listened to and benefit from high quality services that are responsive and meet their needs.


Our promises to parents

  • You are always welcome in the nursery. No appointment is needed.
  • We keep our fees low through good management, not by cutting corners.
  • We will work in partnership with every family to provide the highest quality childcare in a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment.
  • The nursery has been designed to the highest standard to create a bright and stimulating environment in which your child will be safely cared for.
  • Large, securely enclosed indoor play area is strictly monitored.
  • Your comments views and suggestions will always be carefully considered, treated seriously and, if named, will be responded to personally. You are able to contact us by phone and email.